Mark Fish Motorsport

Race & Track Support

Mark Fish Motorsport has been providing specialist and tailored support for customers at race circuits for over 21 years.

We pride ourselves in offering a professional service that gives results. We are optimistic that we can move drivers to the front of the field using a methodical approach to competition, understanding your requirements to achieve and enjoy.

Whether you are an enthusiast enjoying track days or a corporate branded 4-car race team, we can work with you to ensure that the three main areas are met:

Reliability, Competitiveness and Enjoyment.

The Team has won more than fifteen championships over the years, and has consistently been involved in running drivers in the countries top saloon and sports car championships. We have lasted this long because we are passionate about the service we provide and the sport we work in – our enviable reputation is a testament to this.

I have worked  in other race teams, small and large, helping manage and run, in the absence of the usual team manager/owner, or along side existing staff and engineers ‘hands on’.     This is done with dipomacy, and sensitivity to all concerned.      This can be arranged per race/test and race meeting or for the whole year.

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